Tuesday, September 25, 2018

GFEBS Expertise

Earthwinds provides the following support services:  Power-user, Training Coordinator, and Site Visit Coordinator; thorough knowledge of User Roles, Role Mapping, and Segregation of Duties; GFEBS Change Management Deployment Network and Functional Governance Board; Functional Help Desk Support; GFEBS Tier II Training Support; Business Process Reengineering of Legacy to GFEBS processes.

We support:

  • Battle Books - Organizationally specific translation from legacy to new data structures and transactional data flows.
  • Tier II Support - Provide requirement planning, initial establishment, and on-going support services for maintaining Tier II helpdesk user support.
  • Process Reengineer - Evaluate and determine insightful options for improving internal processes and/or the impact when moving away from former Army legacy systems to the new GFEBS / GCSS-A / LMP ERP systems.
  • Reports - Assist with the crosswalk from legacy reporting systems to the new ERP environment and save reports for future reporting requirements.
  • Knowledge Transfer - Extend and transfer our knowledge to teach and educate users about the ERP solutions.
  • Business Intelligence How-To - Provide robust navigation and "how to" training.
  • Reports - Explain Army key reports, such as Status of Funds, Cost Management, and Payroll/Labor related reports to understand what the purpose of the reports are and how they can be utilized.
  • Subject Matter Experts - Provide Q&A with experts on BI functionality as well as Army specific data needs.
  • Command-specific Assistance - Will provide a common training course for any Command but also capable of offering Command-specific assistance through on-site training if requested.