Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Earthwinds provides extensive Systems/SW Application Support, including:

  • Systems/software development, support and maintenance is primarily related to Geographical Information System (GIS), Human Capital Management System (HCMS), and Construction & Maintenance Management System (CAMMS) databases and new application development. Additionally, systems/software development, support and maintenance is provided for Site Manager, Document Management, PeopleSoft, Systems Manager Server (SMS) and Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM).
  • Site Manager initial support primarily consists of maintenance and customization of code and evolved into strategic analysis and return on investment (ROI) analysis to support the investment decision and the “build or buy analysis”. The build decision was made and this support transitioned to requirement planning and then to development and finally maintenance of CAMMS. CAMMS is used by all levels of construction personnel from field inspectors to Central Office employees for maintaining records to track progress of a construction project. In addition to construction tracking, CAMMS is designed to maintain testing records for all items that require quality assurance/quality control testing.
  • Programing support has also included a conglomerate of major systems including; Payroll, Personnel, Comprehensive Project Management System (CPMS), testing and quality support for CPMS, Emergency Road Closure applications, Telecommunications Trouble Reporting System, Roadway Inventory, Materials & Tests application, MVRA for Transportation Planning, and Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) Streaming Video/Website.
  • SMS is an enterprise-wide product which supports central management of hardware /distributed computers and software updates and rollouts. MOM is the process of monitoring an organization’s mission-critical systems to ensure they operate reliably and provide consistent level of service.

Systems / SW Application Support

  • General Funds Enterprise Business Systems (GFEBS)
  • Logistic Modernization Program (LMP)
  • Global Combat Support Systems - Army (GCSS-A)

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