Tuesday, September 25, 2018

GFEBS is the Army’s new web-enabled financial, asset and accounting management system that standardizes, streamlines and shares critical data across the Active Army, the ARNG and the USAR. GFEBS uses Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing software, a COTS ERP solution. GFEBS develops, acquires, integrates, deploys and sustains enterprise-wide financial and procurement management capabilities to support Army’s current and future missions.

LMP supports the Army national-level logistics mission to develop, acquire, field and sustain the world’s best equipment and services, providing Soldiers with a decisive advantage. LMP delivers an enterprise system for AMC with a fully-integrated suite of software and business processes, providing streamlined data on maintenance, repair and overhaul; planning; finance; acquisition; and on weapon systems supplies, spare parts, services and materiel.

LMP sustains, monitors, measures and improves the modernization national-level logistics support solution; transitions services from contractor to organic support without performance degradation; delivers new capabilities to achieve Business Systems Information Technology and DoD Enterprise Transition Plan objectives; addresses strategic Army/DoD business transformation elements; and supports DoD/Army ERP integration efforts and related end-to-end processes.

GCSS-Army fields an Army automated information system as the primary tactical logistics enabler to support Army and joint transformation of sustainment using an ERP system; reengineers current business processes to achieve end-to-end logistics and provides unclassified feeder data to applicable command and control systems; and, implements tactical financial processes relating to supply and maintenance.


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